Marriage Register

The New Marriage Register

Wedding Register


Groom’s ID Number:
Groom’s Passport Number (if not South African)
Groom’s Date of Birth:
Groom’s Nationality:
Groom’s Surname:
Groom’s: First Names:
Groom’s Marital Status: Single: Married Divorced: Widower:
Grooms City of Birth:
Groom’s Country of Birth:
Residential Address:
Postal Code:
Groom’s Highest Level of Educatuion:
Groom’s Occupation:
Groom’s Cell phone Number:
1 Passport Size Photograph: (B & W or Colour)

Bride’s ID number:
Bride’s Passport Number (if not South African)
Brides Date of Birth:
Bride’s Nationality:
Bride’s Surname:
Bride’s First Names:
Bride’s Maiden Surname:
Bride’s Marital status: Single: Married: Divorced: Widow:
Brides City of Birth:
Bride’s Country of Birth:
Bride’s Residential Address:
Postal Code:
Bride’s Highest Level of Education:
Bride’s Occupation:
Bride’s Cell phone Number:
What surname would you like registered:
1 Pasport Size Phtograph (B & W or Colour)

An ID size photo and a thumb print are required on the new marriage register