Getting Married in South Africa


What documentation do we need?
Copy of ID
ID size photograph (1 each)

Do we require a marriage license?
Do we need to give notice regarding our intention to marry?
When can we get married?
At any time 24/7
I can’t find my divorce certificate, can I still get married?
Question: Do home affairs have your marital status recorded correctly?
If not – I will assist you with this.

How do I know if home affairs have my marital status recorded correctly?
Check your marital status:
Send an sms to 32551 and the message on the sms should be:
M (space) your ID number (eg. M 8002141234082)
Delivery to your phone is immediate!
Need help – You can – whatsapp me 083 651 0787

My status is incorrect on the home affairs system –
what can I do?

Home affairs will not register a further marriage if you are “married”.
Take your divorce certificate to home affairs and ask them to amend the status. This normally takes 12 months to change, so do this in good time before your wedding.

When do we get our marriage certificate?
On wedding day. This is a hand written certificate. The wife can use this certificate to change her names with the bank, clothing store accounts etc.

What is an abridged marriage certificate?
A certificate printed by Home Affairs.
I often arrange a Q4U service to collect this for you – R320

What is an unabridged marriage certificate?
Issued by Home Affairs, this certificate
is the most formal marriage document and is required to register a marriage in a foreign country.

How do I get an unabridged marriage certificate?
Apply at Home Affairs. Cost is R75. The wait is 4-6 months.

How long does it take to register a marriage?
It takes about a month.
Quick registrations (2 days) can be arranged. Ask me about this.

What happens with regard to the wife’s surname?
She can:
Keep her surname;
join her name with her husband’s (double barrel)
or assume her husband’s surname.

How does the wife change her surname?
The surname which the wife would like to have is recorded on the marriage register. Home Affairs will automatically change the wife’s surname

What about a new ID book for the wife?
About a month after the wedding the wife can apply at Home Affairs
for a new ID which has her new surname. Great news is that some banks offer this service.

One of us is not South African – can we still get married?
Yes. There is new legislation that requires a South African person
and his/her foreign partner to  undergo a brief interview
with an immigration officer at the Department of Home Affairs.
This is simply to establish that the marriage is genuine
and not a marriage of convenience. You have to personally book this appointment.

We are foreigners.
When and how can we marry?

Brand new legislation does not permit marriage officers to marry foreigners. You have to marry at The Department of Home Affairs