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Department of Home Affairs

   Check your marital status here 

dha (space) m (space) your ID number 
eg. dha m 7002150505082

to 48748

status delivery to your phone
is immediate.

service provider fee R10.  

  How to change my marital status

Take your ID and divorce certificate to
The Department of Home Affairs.
Request a marital status amendment.
Note: this will take 6 months.
One cannot register a marriage
unless your marital status is correct. 

 Help me change my marital status

  Marital status changes done
at Department of Home Affairs. 
sms DHA (space) status  (space)
your email address to 48748
ex. DHA status
How to change your marital status
will be delivered to your phone in seconds.
Service provider fee R10.

This service is guaranteed
We are pleased to provide references