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A couple of quick links to the department of Home Affairs for certificates & marriage forms:

Verify your marital status online
BI-31 - Declaration for the Purpose of Marriage, Letter of no impediment
BI-32 – Consent to the marriage of a minor
BI-130 – Marriage certificate copy application
BI-1699 – Registering a customary marriage
Nb. Unabridged Marriage Certificate:
Application for an unabridged marriage certificate can be made at any department of home affairs office. Please note that this certificate can take up to between 3- 6 months to be authorized. I am not a registered "agent" with the department of home affairs. I do however work closely with a Q4U service.
They are able to arrange the unabridged marriage certificate within about 10 days.
Clearly there is a fee payable: R1200 + R75 for the certificate: Total R1175
Temporary residency
BI-1738 – Temporary residence application
Query via SMS: SMS keyword ( ID, P, M,L ) ID number to 32551
Send an SMS to 32551 and the message of the SMS should be as follows:
ID Book Application Status: ID ID_Number e.g. ID 5001010050080
Passport Application Status: P ID_Number e.g. P 5001010050080
Marital Status: M ID_Number e.g. M 5001010050080
ID Status (Deceased/Alive): L ID_Number e.g. L 5001010050080
You will receive the status sent directly to your cellphone via SMS.

Trevor Hugo
Marriage Officer | Commisioner of Oaths
083 651 0787

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